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Imagine Learning Surpasses One Million App Downloads

Provo, UT – March 2, 2016 – Imagine Learning recently surpassed one million downloads of Imagine Learning and Imagine Learning Español apps on iTunes, indicating widespread usage by elementary students and teachers throughout the country.

Imagine Learning develops research-based language and literacy software that targets the needs of young K–6 readers. Imagine Learning’s flagship product was developed for children learning to read in English, while Imagine Learning Español specifically focuses on students who are learning to read in Spanish.

Imagine Learning apps were downloaded 1.05 million times since they were first introduced to the iTunes App Store in 2013, according to a February 2016 report from the iTunes Connect Sales and Trends analytics page. 1.05 million represents sales/downloads for both products onto Mac and iOS devices.

These numbers offer just a peek at Imagine Learning’s total downloads. When including direct downloads from Imagine Learning’s website or through other platforms such as Windows, Android, and Chromebook, adjusted totals reach well beyond one million downloads.

“Our mission is to teach language and literacy to the children of the world, changing lives and opening doors of opportunity,” says Sean Moe, Imagine Learning’s Director of Privacy and Data Protection. “Although app downloads are only one of many ways to quantify our success, milestones like this are still validating and rewarding.”