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Big Brainz Now Positioned for Summer School Use

April 25, 2016 – Provo, UT – Imagine Learning, a nationally recognized developer of language and literacy software for elementary students,announces that its newest math-facts product, Big Brainz, will factor strongly into summer school programs throughout the country.

To this end, Imagine Learning will offer a free trial of Big Brainz to qualifying educators who use the software during summer school 2016.

A Math Literacy Solution

Big Brainz is a math-fact fluency software solution geared toward elementary students who struggle with basic math literacy.

Following a pre-assessment, students move quickly through a game-based learning activity that monitors skill mastery and repeats facts until students recall them automatically.

“Too many students still aren’t fluent in basic math facts by the time they need to solve more challenging math problems,” explains Clay Christenson, Big Brainz National Partnership Manager at Imagine Learning. “But what if those same kids could be fluent before the school year begins? By using Big Brainz in a summer-school setting, students will still have complete recall of those facts by the time teachers introduce new mathematical concepts.”

A Case Study: ‘Ele’ele Elementary

A recent Hawaiian case study reinforces Christenson’s assertion. In ‘Ele’ele Elementary School, third graders averaged 60% multiplication-fact fluency prior to using Big Brainz. After students were tested in fifth grade,they averaged 92% fluency in multiplication facts.

Big Brainz activities achieve similar results regardless of mathematical operation, allowing students to easily achieve single-digit addition and subtraction fluency by the end of second grade, followed by multiplication- and division fluency by the end of third grade.

Fred L. Rose, principal of ‘Ele’ele Elementary, notes that “(Big Brainz) is the great equalizer for our students,enabling all of them to become completely fluent, while simultaneously freeing up instruction time and making (that time) more effective.”

Preparation for Higher Math Skills

Educators who use Big Brainz report that the software enables them to teach higher order mathematical concepts with confidence, knowing that every child has established a critical foundation in math-fact automaticity.

“What a great opportunity for kids,” says Trevor Allred, Director of Marketing at Imagine Learning. “To actually enjoy working on math fluency—even during the summer—is a real game changer. Parents should be warned that kids will want to spend even more time this summer on math!”