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Big Brainz Math Software Program Now Available on Chromebook

PROVO, UT – May 17, 2016—In response to current ed tech trends, Imagine Learning announces that its Big Brainz math-fact fluency program is now available on Google Chromebook,in addition to Windows, Mac, and iPad.

“Today, Chromebook makes up over half of all classroom devices,” says Ben Openshaw, Big Brainz National Partnership Manager at Imagine Learning.

“That’s not surprising, given the competitive pricing advantage Chromebook offers school districts,”Openshaw continues. Now that Big Brainz is compatible with Chromebook, we know more students will gain automaticity in math facts and feel successful in math generally. That’s important to us.”

As the newest product in the Imagine Learning lineup, Big Brainz has garnered attention as an instructionally differentiated, game-based learning tool that kids love. As kids play, they gain math-fact fluency and are better prepared for higher-order math tasks.

“We know Big Brainz works,” says Panu Puikkonen, Product Marketing Manager at Imagine Learning.“Chromebook just allows wider access to the program than before. We’re confident that kids will have a great experience using Big Brainz on Chromebook.”

Educators who have questions about system requirements should contact Imagine Learning for a successful implementation of Big Brainz.