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Unwrap new updates to Imagine Language & Literacy

We are really pumped about the recent updates to our Imagine Museum activities found in Imagine Language & Literacy, and we're confident the enhancements will leave your students eyes all aglow with excitement. Are you ready to unwrap the goodness? This quick (and fun) video will show you all that is new and improved in these activities. We’ve also broken it down for you below.

All of the Imagine Museum activities have been rebuilt with improved performance and student engagement in mind.

Monkey Business (formerly known as Jungle Habitat)

First and foremost, Monkey Business now plays more smoothly on iPads, Chromebooks, and Windows and Mac computers. What else has changed?

Students can see the monkey more clearly as they interact with it, and they can now click to tell the monkey to move to a selected location. Students can also click on some items to make the monkey interact with them. Speaking of items, the store layout has been improved to show items grouped under three categories, and there’s more flexibility in placing and arranging items purchased from the store.

Smoothie Operator

This exhibit now allows multiple smoothies to be made during a single session, thus increasing engagement for students. With each new smoothie completed, the difficulty increases and allows new items to be unlocked.

An easy to use “conveyor belt” provides a collections of new items (coconut, watermelon, ice cube, potion, trajectory guide) that students can choose to use. Also, a timer has been added to show the amount of time remaining.

Mazel Coaster

The camera in Mazel Mine now follows the cart more naturally allowing for more of a roller coast effect. Also, the store has been reorganized to improve usability.