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Imagine Learning’s Latest Release Includes Annual Growth Test and Updated Student Experience

PROVO, UT – JULY 6, 2016 – Imagine Learning’s latest release features more helps for teachers and students, starting with the new Annual Growth Test, which allows educators to measure and document literacy and language skills later in the year.

Now, educators can see how students are performing at the beginning and end of year and track student development over time.

As Barbara Badgett, Assessment Designer at Imagine Learning,describes it, “The AGT not only will allow educators to get a snapshot or point-in-time estimate of student skill levels, it will also allow them to see changes in those skill levels since the Initial Placement Test or previously administered AGTs.”

More Resources for Educators

The newest version of Imagine Learning also includes Fluent Reader, a feature that helps students prepare for their reading fluency assessments while teachers monitor their one-minute recordings and offer support.

Teachers can also print new digital books that offer support in the following languages:

“The new Additional Language Materials books offer printable worksheets, home letters, and additional resources in languages beyond the fifteen that are currently supported through audio instruction and printouts,” says Jasmine Western, Manager of Product Development at Imagine Learning. “The idea is to extend learning from the digital content to the classroom and beyond. Now, teachers can use these materials in whole and/or small-group instruction, interventions, reading block rotations, take-home practice, or however they see fit.”

Student Experience

Imagine Learning now features a new end-of-session screen that allows students to monitor their progress and take greater ownership of what they learn. Students can also personalize multiple avatars in the Character Creator and encounter engaging new activities in the Imagine Museum.

Carter Durham, Imagine Learning’s Director of Student Experience explains, “student engagement has long been a hallmark of Imagine Learning software, and this new release represents our most engaging version to date. Not only have we augmented the student reward space with more features and activities, the new End-of-Session Summary screen connects student achievement with the underlying instruction in a fun and simple way.”

Finally, students can also enjoy new content in Imagine Learning’s latest release, including new activities that teach cause and effect, more articles from the Associated Press for older students, and new decoding and blending activities for younger students.