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Imagine Learning recognizes outstanding partner schools

Provo, UT—September 23, 2015—Imagine Learning has released this year’s list of exemplary partners who have displayed excellence and consistency in their use of the Imagine Learning program. Schools and districts alike are being recognized for their dedication to the use of the supplemental tool for educating students in English language and literacy. The customer recognition program, Imagine Nation, not only highlights schools that have demonstrated outstanding use of Imagine Learning, but also identifies and shares instructional best practices so that other schools can achieve the same level of success.

Recognized schools are given one of four awards: World-Class School,Top 50 School, Top 10 Percent, and Super School. The first three awards are presented to schools that have used the program regularly throughout the school year according to Imagine Learning’s usage recommendations; Imagine Learning recommends that students take part in the program at least twenty minutes per day, every day. These recommendations are suggested so that all students attain the maximum results from the program.

Super Schools are nominated by their local area partnership managers and educational support consultants.They are recognized for excellence in their partnership, innovative implementations, or good citizenship.

“We believe it is imperative to recognize our fantastic partners for the great work they do each day in their schools,” says Jeremy Cowdrey, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Imagine Nation is just one of the ways we try to show our appreciation.”

Regular use of Imagine Learning has been shown to lead to impressive gains on high-stakes tests, including state English language development and language arts tests. Many schools recognized by the Imagine Nation program have also implemented innovative practices like rearranging computer lab schedules or starting before or after school programs to achieve consistent use of Imagine Learning.

Qualifying schools will be awarded with plaques, trophies, banners, and classroom materials. For more information about the Imagine Nation customer recognition program and for a list of the 2014–2015 award recipients, visit www.imaginelearning.com/nation.