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Imagine Learning Launches Software Update

Provo, UT–November 30, 2015–Imagine Learning announces the biggest content update ever to its award-winning K–6 language and literacy software. Version 14.4 now offers access to more advanced concepts and text, new activities, and The Imagine Learning Reading Level Assessment Powered by the Lexile® Framework for Reading.

“In our latest release, Imagine Learning addresses more student and teacher needs than ever before,” says Joe Swenson, CEO of Imagine Learning. “Not only does this update offer a greater quantity of activities and tools, but—more importantly—it offers greater quality and addresses more state standards than in the past.”

Imagine Learning now includes 36 percent more content than was present in the program this past year.

More Foundational Skills and Academic Rigor

Thanks to new content, students will learn greater foundational skills via a new suite of syllabication activities that build greater phonological awareness and decoding automaticity.

“By adding more extensive instruction in reading multisyllabic words, Imagine Learning helps scaffold a key transition in reading development,” notes Seija Surr, Vice President of Curriculum at Imagine Learning.“Children then become able and confident readers. Pairing this skill development with decodable folktales from cultures around the world makes reading relevant and motivates the diverse students we serve to apply reading skills in engaging contexts.”

To encourage growth and academic rigor, Imagine Learning now features new authentic texts that offer students real-world reading experiences. Actual news articles from the Associated Press help students build their academic vocabulary as they learn about real events. Also, new literary activities introduce students to concepts such as similes and metaphors.

Jeremy Cowdrey, Imagine Learning’s Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales, further explains, “When the Council of the Great City Schools (CGCS) recently reported a need for authentic text in the schools—particularly for English learners—we responded. We already have top-performing literacy and language software. But we also knew we could make it even stronger and give students the rigor they need to succeed.Version 14.4 is the result.”

The Lexile Framework for Reading

On November 3, 2015, Imagine Learning announced its partnership with MetaMetrics®, developer of The Lexile® Framework for Reading and other scientific measures of academic achievement.

As a result of this partnership, Imagine Learning now offers The Imagine Learning Reading Level Assessment Powered by the Lexile® Framework for Reading.

According to Dr. Marc Liebman, Chief Academic Officer at Imagine Learning, the new “addition of a Lexile measure for grades 2 through 6 provides our partners with a validated third-party assessment of students’ reading progress.” Liebman continues, “Schools choosing to use this tool will be able to monitor student growth in reading and use the information to inform classroom instruction in a way that helps teachers meet the individual needs of students.”

Seija Surr also states, “Imagine Learning is integrated into a range of language and literacy environments.Having a Lexile measure helps educators use Imagine Learning’s differentiated instruction to inform the rest of the literacy block as well.”