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Imagine Learning Español Adds More Standards-Aligned Content

PROVO, UT – July 12, 2016 – Imagine Learning Español, a program designed especially for young children learning to read in Spanish, now showcases even more standards-aligned content in its latest release.

“When students develop basic Spanish literacy skills,they gain a solid foundation for a lifelong academic growth in the Spanish language,” says Rossana Camacho, Instructional Design Manager at Imagine Learning.

Camacho continues, “And if the goal is future success in English language and literacy, research shows that there is a positive transfer of academic skills from one language to another, which results in a more fluid transition for students.”

Students who use Imagine Learning Español on a regular basis also continually strengthen essential components of literacy development, from phonological awareness to vocabulary development.

Phonological Awareness Activities

As students delete initial and final syllables and sounds in Spanish words, they increase their phonological awareness skills. Additionally, these new activities prepare students for the standardized assessments they will encounter during the school year.

Phonics and Word Recognition Activities

Because Spanish is a phonologically transparent language, young students can develop effective decoding skills early through engaging activities that help them stay motivated.

In the newest version of Imagine Learning Español, students will learn high-frequency Spanish words, develop automaticity in word recognition, and build greater reading fluency and accuracy in Spanish.

Reading Comprehension Activities

Comprehension continues to be an area of focus in education, both in Common Core states and states following other educational standards. With new activities on understanding fictional text via story mapping and re-telling activities, Imagine Learning Español now addresses even more comprehension standards.

Authentic Text

As part of its latest release, Imagine Learning Español continues its strong cultural tradition by featuring 4 new authentic, theme-based stories:

In this release, students will also experience what life is like in Colombia and learn two new traditional songs from Latin America and Puerto Rico.

Vocabulary Development Activities

To further address the standard of vocabulary development, Imagine Learning Español offers a new suite of activities on compound words. Additionally, children can use the new classification activity to sort common words into high-utility categories and review previously learned vocabulary.

Solutions for a Diverse Classroom

“Today’s school populations are increasingly diverse,” says Joe Swenson, CEO of Imagine Learning. “Imagine Learning Español targets this shifting demographic in a way that builds academic skills while it teaches students solid literacy skills in Spanish. And now, bilingual and dual-language educators can know that their students are meeting state standards as they learn to read in Spanish.”